Entrepreneur and Engineer

Bardya, upon graduation, was made a Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager at Belzberg Technologies Inc.. This meant that he was responsible, among other things, for recruiting programmers, designing trading engines, and creating equity self-clearing system designs in the US.

Bardya, who later became Managing director at Royal Capital Management Inc. was responsible for managing assets that were used in multiple arbitrage techniques.

Bardya was the founder of BBS Securities (a Canadian Broker dealer) and Virtual Brokers (a subsidiary discount broker). Virtual Brokers made Canada’s commission structure more transparent by reducing commissions to nearly 0. Virtual Brokers was also ranked as the #1 discount broker and top innovator by Mail multiple occasions.

Bardya made a significant contribution to the regulatory and industry worlds while he was at BBS Securities and Virtual Brokers. For two years, he was elected as an IIROC Ontario District member and Director at Neo Exchange in 2015. He assisted the company with long-term planning and in setting the enterprise’s vision.

Pario Technologies Corp. was established by him in 2015 where he created and implemented trading and clearing system for Canada and US Equities and Options. He sold the businesses in 2017 to CI Financial, one the largest independent financial companies in Canada.

Bardya has been a successful entrepreneur and job creator throughout his career. He is an expert in financial systems, brokerage, and fintech.

Moving Away from Theatres

It’s difficult to deny that indie movies have difficulty attracting enough attention in order to succeed at movie theaters. This is because there are a limited number of successful stories.

Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations, a senior box-office analyst, stated to the LA Times, “Adult Dramas, especially those that are indie,” said Jeff Bock. “Horrors of all kinds, including superheroes and sequels. That’s all there is to it.

However, even the largest streaming platforms like Disney and Apple have been open to spending big bucks on the right independent film.

Apple’s $25 million record-breaking purchase “CODA,” the entertaining drama about a deaf family, was the result of that strategy. Hulu paid $12million Bardya Ziaian for Disney-owned Searchlight Pictures’ critically acclaimed “Summer of Soul,” documentary by Quest love.