I love that I don’t need any equipment to do a great, fat-burning, muscle building workout. To illustrate, I ran out of time so I did a bear crawl that took me 7:11 seconds.

Take 5 minutes to walk, then do 50-55 bear crawls for 5 yards. Turn the cone, then jog back up, no rest.

It sounds simple, but bodyweight training can make you squirm in no time.

Yesterday I went to the park to train. When I got there, it was jammed with family reunions. When I arrived, I had to make changes in my plans. I walked to my favorite hill 60 yards away, laid down cones 5 feet apart, and then did a bear crawl 5 yards into the hill sprints.

For each round ( 10 sets), the bear crawl/hill sprint took approximately 13 seconds. The last sprint was the hardest. I crawled headfirst down the hill, no stopping until I reached my destination.

There is no equipment at the outdoor gym. This is why the outdoor gym is such a great place to train. Training can be done anywhere and at any time. I find new places to train and new things to do when I travel.

Your imagination is the only limit to outdoor fitness.

Outdoor gyms are for men who want to train all the time, and who don’t need to go to a gym every day. This is for the man who doesn’t want his home cluttered with equipment. It is for the man who wants to be a part of the elite.

You don’t need any equipment, you click on this url can go anywhere to find a place where you can train. All you need is within reach if you just stop to look.

There are many things I can climb and pull up on. Pullups with towels on tree branches, on rafters, soccer net nets, and even on football goal posts are all possible. It’s almost a guarantee that you will have a strong, powerful body.

Simple is the best. Less complicated is better. You only need to do a few sprints, pushups, pullups, and bear crawls.

There is so much more that you can do, and that’s where imagination comes into play.

Get outside, do bodyweight training, and go to the gym that nature has provided.